5 Reasons to hire an SEO agency for website migation

In Benlola, we have heard more than a fair share of terrifying tales about the migration of websites. The standard procedure usually looks like this: Our customer contacts us for assistance after seeing a precipitous decline in both traffic and rankings. They informed us that they had lately been working on updating their website.

building a website or migrating an existing oneDespite the fact that the new design is pleasing to the eye, we find that it has a number of significant issues that are hidden under the surface and might have been prevented if they had conferred with an SEO expert.

When it comes to building a website or migrating an existing one, however, many web developers do not take search engine optimization into consideration. According to their point of view, their work is over if the website is able to run properly and successfully populate on the new server. In actuality, a web migration is a somewhat more substantial process than this. To guarantee that your website is prepared for glory, it is necessary to put in a lot of preparation and work. This includes mapping 301 redirects, updating metadata, and making sure that correct tracking is in place.

The following are some of the reasons why you should think about employing an SEO service to assist you with the creation or migration of your website:

1. Keep or Improve your Rankings

One of the most significant advantages of using an SEO service to handle the migration of your website is that they will be able to assist you in maintaining or even improving your rankings throughout the process. When our SEO professionals are working on the planning stage of a website migration or development, they do keyword research and map particular keywords to pages within the structure of your website. Not only does this keyword research tell you what to use for page titles and H1s, but it also directs the content that improves your search engine rankings and is helpful to your visitors.

Other things that our professionals implement during the planning process include reviewing the existing performance of your website and keywords, establishing goals and objectives for the new website, and identifying possible risks and obstacles associated with any functions that you may want to integrate into the website. Although it is normal to see decreases in ranks and traffic during a migration, having an extra perspective and careful preparation during the first phase can assist in reducing the negative impact.

2. Pay attention to the user and mobile-first

With features like mobile-first indexing and helpful content updates, Google’s algorithm places a high priority on the way in which users engage with your website and the content. In contrast to the typical web developer, SEO professionals pay careful attention to algorithm changes and remain informed on the most effective tactics. This is not something that the usual web developer is doing.

With regard to the migration of a website, our professionals are able to use their skills and knowledge to direct your development choices and create implementations on their own, which will contribute to the user’s experience. They may, for example, provide you with guidance about how to organize your pages and sitemap, optimize your site’s performance and responsiveness to mobile devices, and even provide you with useful user experience feedback in order to encourage more conversions. Additionally, they are able to guarantee that essential technical SEO implementations are performed in advance, such as taking care of broken links and applying structured data, in order to ensure that your website is set up to attract consumers and perform well from the very beginning.

3. Maintain the flow of incoming traffic and leads

migrating a websiteWhen a migration fails to go as planned and ends with a reduction in rankings, you can be certain that it will have a crash on the number of organic visits and leads that your website receives. The reason for this is that when you fall out of the search engine results (SERPs), fewer people are able to see your website, which always has an impact on your performance. One common cause of these decreases is the improper redirection or mapping of important pages on the new site.

Within the framework of the migration plan, our SEO experts take the appropriate measures to guarantee that every page that has a high level of authority and traffic will be given a spot on the new website. Furthermore, they examine pages that aren’t working well in order to find potential bugs and opportunities. These opportunities might involve an improvement in content, a boost to the page’s usability, or the integration of the page with other sites. Lastly, they ensure that all of the pages in the development environment are optimized to operate appropriately before the launch. This allows you to take it easy and watch the traffic and leads keep rolling in after the launch has been completed.

4. Preserve the Backlings

You won’t believe this, but a successful migration of a website isn’t only about the contents that are on the website. An in-depth search engine optimization strategy has an off-page component that involves elements like backlinks and social media presence. It is imperative that these components be handled throughout the migration process.

As part of the migration approach, our SEO experts will first do an examination of any current backlinks, verify to see whether they have a redirect in place, and then create a plan for adding new backlinks when the migration has been completed. Therefore, it is essential to include this step throughout the migration process in order to address E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and enhance search rankings.

5. Focus on Lon Tem Results and Continuous Performance

migrating a website with seo agencyDue to the fact that SEO is a strategy that requires time, search engine optimization professionals are more focused on the long-term performance and outcomes of a website than a developer is. Unfortunately, we have seen some web developers taking shortcuts with builders or even becoming completely quiet after the launch of the websites. This leaves the owner of the website powerless when the number of visitors to their site drops from what it used to be. Although it is common for performance to decline following a migration, implementing effective tracking and monitoring systems will allow you to see real-time data and make accurate optimization choices to enhance performance.

At Benlola, our SEO team is prepared to install analytics and correct conversion tracking codes on your website using tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and Google Search Console. When it comes to website migrations, the process can be both time-consuming and complicated. And if you do not possess the requisite skills, you may wind up wasting a significant amount of time and money attempting to do it right. Contact us to learn more about our SEO and marketing services!

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