Get Ahead with SEMRush: Tips and Tricks for Elevated Marketing Performance

SEMRush may be used in a variety of ways to improve your search engine optimization and content advertising campaigns. There is a wide range of options available on the platform for fine-tuning your marketing efforts as a whole.

Semrush is the perfect SEO tool since it lets you obtain deeper insights into your competition, finds your top organic keywords as well as sponsored keywords, allows you to undertake backlink research, and a lot of other things. If you are serious about boosting the amount of organic traffic that your website receives, you absolutely need to have Semrush as part of your SEO toolset.

You may use Semrush in the following ways to boost the search rankings of your website and increase the amount of traffic it receives.

Find Who You Are Up Against

Discovering who your competitors are in a certain market is an essential part of search engine optimization. It makes no difference what field you operate in; there will always be plenty of other companies for you to compete with and take inspiration from.

Discovering who your competitors are in a certain market is an essential part of search engine optimization. It makes no difference what field you operate in; there will always be plenty of other companies for you to compete with and take inspiration from.

In this regard, there is no better tool than Semrush for mapping out a competitor’s online presence. Ahrefs is the only tool that even comes close to competing with it. When using Ahrefs, there is still a possibility that the data collected will be flawed.

Semrush supplies you with the most precise data there is to provide on the competition, allowing you to immediately begin working on your plan.

Simply input your domain into the search box provided by Semrush, and then scroll to the “Main Organic Competitors” column included in the overview report to find out who your key organic competitors are.

You will locate the top five organic businesses competing with you in this section. These are the other domains that you will be competing against on Google for the same keywords. The degree of competition will increase according to the number of terms that are shared between you and your competition.

If you typed “” into Google, you would get the following 5 results among the organic search results:

SEMRush main organic competitors table

Click the “View details” button that is located below the column to see further competition. You will be presented with a comprehensive list of organic competitors, in addition to essential SEO data.

View a Breakdown of Your Competitors

We are already familiar with the ways in which SEMRush assists us in locating our primary competitors. You may take it one step further by analyzing how your competitors are structured.

Why should we care about this? Because when you implement research on competition using Semrush, the platform generates a report that may include dozens or even hundreds of organic competitors. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the quantity of information you have at your hands.

As a direct outcome of this, it is essential to first assess the top three to seven competitors in your industry and analyze each of their tactics separately.

SEMRush competitors breakdown

A comprehensive analysis from SEMRush will provide you with a better insight into what your competitors are up to, how you compare to them, and what you can do to enhance your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Find High-traffic Long-tail Keywords

If you’re trying to dominate search results in a highly competitive niche with a content strategy based on high volume, high competitiveness keywords, you’re going to have a rough time. A website with a higher domain authority will nearly always outrank a newer one in search results.

As a result, you should always begin with keywords that have low levels of competition yet have the potential to generate a lot of traffic. In situations like these, a tool like Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool might be of great assistance.

You may find all the keywords you need for an efficient SEO or PPC campaign with the help of the Keyword Magic Tool, an intuitive keyword research tool. This tool is great for brainstorming phrases related to your seed keywords.

To make use of this feature, first log in to your Semrush dashboard, then follow Keyword Analytics > Keyword Magic Tool

After entering your seed keyword (or keywords), click the ‘Search’ button. The program will produce a list of similar keywords based on the seed term that you provide. The tool will provide important information to you for each of these keywords, such as the volume, keyword difficulty (KD), cost-per-click (CPC), and competition.

But because we want to find long-tail keywords with little competition but great traffic potential, we’ll need to reduce our list of prospective phrases to just a handful.

SEMRush long-tails list

Monitor your Website’s Keyword Rankings

Using the Position Tracking function that is included in Semrush, you are able to monitor the performance of your target keywords. This application gives you the ability to enter all of the keywords for which you would like to rank as well as monitor the rankings for these keywords for any location across various devices.

Using this tool, you will be able to check your daily and weekly ranking progress for any location across various devices, as well as create a list of keywords that you wish to rank for and track your success for those keywords.

Add your location, choose the device, add the domains of your rivals, and then provide a list of the keywords that you wish to rank for. It is not a problem if you forget a few terms in your search. They may be added at a later time if necessary.

SEMRush Keyword Rankings tracker

In Conclusion

The feedback provided by clients is taken very seriously by SEMrush, and the platform’s products undergo continuous improvement and expansion. You won’t find a better digital marketing tool than this one, and if you’re searching for something that does it all, look no further.

Now that you are familiar with how to make use of these capabilities on Semrush, it is time for you to put the product through its paces and examine the outcomes for yourself. If you haven’t tried Semrush yet, you may do so here for a free 30-day trial.

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Get Ahead with SEMRush: Tips and Tricks for Elevated Marketing Performance

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