How to Make the Move to a New Marketing Agency

It's normal to feel anxious about starting fresh with a new marketing company. The bottom line is that you should switch agencies if you aren't feeling a strong connection to them, whether it be due to a divergence in core principles or a lack of progress. When it comes to making decisions about professional relationships, the most successful approach is to be more objective and center one's attention on the data.

However, it is important to leave that professional relationship on good terms in order to allow a peaceful transition for everyone concerned. Here, we’ll go over some of the things you can do to prepare for a successful partnership with a new marketing agency.

Look Over That Contract!

You should review your existing contract with your present agency in depth before looking for a new one. Even if you signed a contract for a certain time period, you may contact your agency to clarify your alternatives. You may be allowed to quit sooner, and in certain circumstances, all you’ll need to do is provide a few days’ notice. You should get in touch with your present agency as soon as possible if you’re serious about making the transition to a new one. Assuming your existing agency is competent, you should feel safe making that phone call. After you’ve figured out the details of your current contract, you may look into other agencies’ offerings without fearing that you’ll be in violation of your agreement.

Be Realistic Upon Entering the Relationship

Online marketing and optimization for search engines won’t solve all your company’s problems, but they may shed light on them and lead you to better options than you may have had before. The connection you have with your agency might assist you in identifying those less evident issues. Setting expectations that can be met in advance and maintaining open communication with the client about those expectations throughout the duration of the working relationship is one of the most critical things that both the agency and the client can do to ensure the partnership is successful.

Get Complete Control Of all Tools

All of the marketing contracts and online tools that your firm uses for its strategy and campaigns should legally belong to you. Businesses often choose to avoid spending money on purchasing the necessary tools and instead make use of pre-existing contracts and software that are held by marketing agencies. If this is the case, you should begin transferring all of your company’s marketing assets to the cloud using licensed online tools, directories, and software.

Instead of utilizing your agency’s platforms and tools, your business should hold the contracts for these solutions, from Google Analytics to Ahrefs and anything in between. If your relationship with an agency ends, you do not want to be in the position of battling for your data, nor do you want to get it in the form of a bitter Excel dump, the equivalent of discovering your valuable possessions in a plastic container in the hallway.

Some of Your Campaigns May Need to be Put on Hold

When switching agencies, one of the most often questioned issues by new clients is if they must suspend their present marketing campaigns. Typically, the answer is affirmative. For new clients, we normally estimate two weeks of adjustment time. You probably won’t notice any major changes during this time. SEO-wise, a few weeks is not enough time to make a difference in your site’s ranks. They won’t shift unless you happen to make the move during a large algorithm upgrade, which is quite rare.

However, if your PPC advertising efforts are losing money, you may need to temporarily halt them. Although this may result in a temporary decrease in traffic, it will be to your favor in the long run. Your new account manager may decide to make adjustments to the campaigns even while they are still active if they are generating a positive return on investment. If this is the case, then your website won’t see any fluctuations in traffic at all while the move is being made.

Check for Training Needs

Now is a good moment to assess the areas where the marketing and the agencies’ expertise are lacking; it is important to pinpoint any area that needs improvement. By getting the agencies involved in this process, there will be a chance to make certain that all of the stakeholders are equally informed and aligned with the strategy. Proper upskilling inside the organization and the team during this moment of change is what may generate harmony.

Final Thoughts

Switching to a new digital marketing agency may seem like a huge challenge, but there are times when it is necessary. If you feel as if your present agency isn’t fulfilling your demands or if you’re looking for fresh experience and ideas, flipping the page may be the best approach to reaching your objectives. If you’re interested in working with a new digital marketing agency, please contact us. Boost your traffic, search engine rankings, and sales with the aid of our expert SEO team!

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How to Make the Move to a New Marketing Agency

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