6 Tips to Keep Up with 2022 SEO Trends

If you want customers to find your website, you need to be on the first page of search results, and ideally in the top position. Google wants to give users relevant, accurate search results, so it regularly updates the algorithm used to rank websites. Just when you think you have SEO figured out, Google changes the algorithm! That’s why it’s so important to keep up with SEO trends.

Why Should You Keep Up With SEO Trends?

The basics of good SEO stay the same, but as algorithms change, and technology develops, new SEO strategies are necessary if you want your site to stay at the top of Google’s search results. As algorithms get more sophisticated it becomes even more important to keep up with SEO trends that satisfy Google. Each year there is new technology to improve your SEO and make it easier and faster to implement. Google has millions of websites to choose from, so how will your site stay on top? By implementing the latest SEO trends for 2022.

What Are the SEO Trends for 2022?

  1. Automated Content
  2. SERP Content Diversity
  3. Voice Search Optimization
  4. EATs
  5. Core Web Vitals
  6. Passage Ranking


  1. Automated Content

Automation will make SEO easier in 2022, particularly in automatically generated (AI-generated) content writing. Automated content will still need to be modified by a human but it will save time by doing the bulk of the work. Cut down on time spent writing content, save money paying content writers, and increase your site’s content volume by using AI content creation tools.

What is Content Automation in SEO? – AI content generators crank out blog posts, ad copy, and even video and audio content that just needs to be cleaned up and checked by your content writers. You can also use content automation tools to recommend topics and keywords. But you will always need a writer to give AI content the human touch. 2022 SEO trends are all about making your job easier.

  1. SERP Content Diversity

You’ll have noticed that the first page of search results includes images, “People Also Ask” questions, maps, videos, and other related entities. It’s no longer just written content and you need to optimize your site to reflect this.

How Do You Optimize SERP Features? – If your site has all the elements Google is looking for, you’ve got a better chance of making it onto the first page of results. Include relevant media, graphs, maps, and short questions and answers. Offering diverse content is one of the hottest 2022 SEO tips.

  1. Voice Search

The trend toward voice search continues to grow in 2022, as technology advances. Get ahead of this 2022 SEO trend by using content that has a conversational tone similar to the natural spoken word. The language used to write a search query is different from the way we speak. Voice queries are more likely to use full sentences, local idioms, and question modifiers like how, who, what, where, why, and when.

How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search in 2022? – Optimize your site for this trend by using long-tail keywords, concise 90-character answers, and a natural tone. You can make a FAQ page answering popular queries. Or use a question in the heading, followed by a concise answer. Statistics show that more than 46% of voice searches on mobile devices are local queries. So you can improve your ranking by using location-relevant keywords and the phrase “near me” in meta descriptions, title tags, and anchor text where relevant.

  1. EATS – Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

A catchy domain name isn’t enough to get your site on the first page of search results. In the past simply having keywords in your domain name would get you ranked. Today a brand has to be built on genuine expertise, with a perfect track record proving authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T).

How to Improve Your EAT Ranking Score? – To improve your site’s EAT try content collaborations, and provide real value to users. You can also improve your EAT value by having long-form content with in-depth well-researched, expert information. Nothing beats having the most relevant, reliable info that users are looking for.

  1. Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals continue to be the most important trend in search engine optimization. They determine how a user interacts and experiences your site. You’ll need the skills of an experienced web developer to identify and fix problems with Core Web Vitals on all of your website pages.

How To Optimize Core Web Values? – To optimize core web vitals you need to tweak three things:

  • (LCP) – Shorten the time it takes for the largest content asset on the page to load.
  • First Input Delay (FID) – Shorten the time it takes for your site to respond to a user’s first interaction with the page.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – Limit the number of unexpected layout shifts that occur during the lifespan of each page.
  1. Passage Ranking

What about getting a specific paragraph from your site in Google search results? Google’s passage ranking algorithm can index sections of text from within a page based on specific search queries.

How Do You Optimize for Passage Ranking in 2022? – To get high-ranking passage indexing your content should have compact self-contained nuggets of information that answer a precise query. Passage ranking is similar to Google snippets. They both require specific and concise answers to user queries. Featured snippets have overall topic relevance. Passage ranking ignores the page’s overall relevance and focuses on the relevance of a passage to a specific query. Both snippets and passage ranking can get you placed at the top of search result pages.


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6 Tips to Keep Up with 2022 SEO Trends

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